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Bushehr News test
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Bushehr News test

Bushehr News test

Representative of the Wali Faqih in the Bushehr province said: "In many of the major incidents, we see human society and economic and political and cultural events that are being targeted by the media by media policymakers.

He stated: "In soft subversions or economic or cultural developments, we see that the authoritative institution has been invaded by the media to all sides of the target community and we also see how they are doing in the events of Iran.

Safai Bushehri added: Today, in the realm of media, new, small, fast and uncontrollable systems are being set up, aimed at massive media outburst and day-to-day developments of hard-core and software.

Referring to the fact that superconductors, along with media management, helicopter manufacturing and tanks, said that it was both a hard offensive and a soft aggression. From the beginning, there has not been such a creep and massive media war.

The Future of the Future of the Future of Bushehr continued: The future of the future world will be the media warfare and will take over the arrogance of the media community and attack the target community, and we must create media resilience against them, and invade and defend each other, but our invasion leads us. And we direct human dignity to the media of the international community, but they are seeking to seize power and wealth with the media.

The responsibility of the media community is very heavy

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